General Ledger Posting

General Ledger Posting in SAP Finance Transaction code: FB50 Open the general ledger posting screen either by typing the T code mentioned above or through the drill down menu as shown below General ledger transactions like direct expenses booking, bank to bank transfers are posted in this transaction. Vendor /Customer /Asset / Material related transactions […]

Understanding Purchase Requisitions

It is a request to procure certain quantity of material at certain point of time/date. It is an Internal Document and not used at out side of the Enterprise. Purchase Requisitions can be created Manually – fill the data manually By MRP — If you set up a MRP procedure for a material master the […]

SAP LSMW Hands on – Step by Step Instructions

The LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) is a free SAP-based tool that supports the one-time or periodic transfers of data from non-SAP systems to SAP. The LSMW can be used in conjunction with the Data Transfer Workbench. The LSMW assists in organizing your data migration project and guides you through the process by using a […]

Creating Classification Class for Purchase Requisition

Creation of classes Materials Management / Purchasing/ Purchase Requisition / Release Procedure /Procedure with Classification/ Edit Classes. Enter class, class type, & click on create button. Enter description Now click on char. Tab & enter characteristic name, & press enter, & save it. Set Up Procedure with Classification: Materials Management / Purchasing/ Purchase Requisition / […]

Stock Status in Warehouse

When goods arrive in the warehouse, they are usually received in the Goods Receipt Area (GR Area) near the receiving dock. Later, they are transferred using a transfer order to Under Quarantine within the warehouse. In some cases, goods can moved directly to fixed bins. During the period of time when move orders have been […]

Warehousing Stock Category

In WM, it is important to know what quantity of a stock is in a particular storage bin, but also its status and whether or not it is available. Stock in the warehouse is categorized in WM as follows: 1. Available Stock Unrestricted-use stock that is physically located in the warehouse, valuated, and not subject […]

Warehousing Stock Types

Special stock is managed separately in the Warehouse Management (WM) application for reasons of ownership or for various factors reflecting the location in which they are kept. Each type of special stock is assigned a special stock indicator to aid in managing it in the system. Special stock characteristics assigned during goods movements transactions in […]

Shelf life expiration date (SLED) in Warehousing

The SLED field only exists in the quant when shelf life management is active in Materials Management (MM). This happens when the material master is maintained accordingly. During a stock placement in MM user can enter either the production date or the shelf life expiration date. This depends upon whether the field Remaining shelf life […]