ERP Procurement Cycle

ERP Procurement goes through eight different steps, before an order cycle is complete. 1. Determination of Requirements The material requirements are identified by the user departments or material planning & control. The requirement passed manually to the purchasing department. [In case if you set MRP procedure for a material in the material master R/3 system […]

Managing Purchase Organization

A purchasing organization is a organizational level that negotiates conditions of purchase with vendors for one or more plants. It is legally responsible for completing purchasing contracts. A purchasing group is the key for a buyer or group of buyers responsible for certain purchasing activities. Purchasing Organization: It procures the material and services. It negotiates […]

Define Maintenance planning plant

Menu path:-Display IMG >Enterprise structure>Definition>Plant Maintenance>Maintain Maintenance planning plant. Select the path of maintain maintenance planning plant Click on new entry and create new planning plant.

Working with Internal Tables in SAP ABAP

While working with Internal tables you need to consider the following cases: You want to reorganize the contents of table. You want to modify few details of table and then display the contents of table to user. You want to perform table calculations on subset of database table. In ABAP/4 you work mainly with tables. […]

Maintain Calendar in SAP

The general public holiday and factory calendar is a central module in the SAP System. It may be used in plenty of areas (e.g. in Logistics as well as in Human Resources) in the standard version. You could use calendar maintenance to help keep and display the aspects of the calendar system. The general public […]

Configure Currencies in SPRO

To Configure currencies the currency table must have entries for all currencies which occur in your business transactions. In the SAP standard recipient system, all currencies are defined according to the international ISO standard. SAP recommends that you use the ISO standard for your additional entries. If your entries do not correspond to the ISO […]

SAP Business Process Management Tools

A well managed business process can standardize the business process across different countries of a global organization, bring visibility and consistency in the business process, monitor and measure the business process, can have one team to manage and develop the global IT applications and can also bring several other benefits. To develop a business process […]

Configure Countries in SPRO

You must configure countries with which your company has business relationships. You require the following information for each country: General data Foreign trade characteristics Further test data This information is then checked during master data maintenance. In the SAP standard delivery system, all countries are defined according to the international ISO Standard. SAP recommends which […]