Stock Placement Using Storage Unit Types

The Warehouse Management (WM) system allows user to use a number of different storage unit types when user transfer and store materials in the warehouse. For example, user can transfer materials on pallets of various sizes, such as European pallets or industrial pallets. Crates or pallets of materials that must be stored in different locations […]

Storage Types in Warehouse

It is a storage area in warehouse facility, or a warehouse zone that is defined in Warehouse Management (WM) for a warehouse number. This is a physical or logical subdivision of a warehouse complex that is characterized by its warehouse technique, the space used, its organizational form, or its function. A storage bin consists of […]

Material Master Configuration for Warehouse Management

The material master record is the source of material specific data, which is used throughout the SAP R/3 system. The data contained in the material master record is required for many functions within the logistics system such as purchasing data for ordering, inventory management for posting goods movements, accounting data for valuation upon goods movements […]

Building Organization Structure

In ERP, a company is made up of a variety of operational groups. These groups or organizational units can include sales, purchasing, accounting, distribution, and so forth. SAP R/3 System is designed to support each of these groups. Different software applications in the R/3 System can be linked to these organization units to create a […]

SAP Warehouse Management Module Overview

The SAP Warehouse Management module allows: Definition and mapping of the physical warehousing structures in the system Processing goods movements like – receipts, issues and stock transfers Maintain up to date stock inventories in the Warehousing complex at storage bin level The Warehouse management is integrated with Material Management (MM), Sales & Distribution (SD), Quality […]

Calling BAPI from Webdynpro

In the Wizard: Start the “Web Dynpro Wizard” through menu option create -> service call from context menu of the Web Dynpro component   Use existing component controller, – Select all parameters, except EXTENSION_IN and EXTENSION_OUT – Use Function module: BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST Specify method name: EXECUTE_BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST Map nodes DATE_RANGE, DESTINATION_FROM and DESTINATION_TO to the view context. […]

Define user status(for master data)

Menu path:-Display IMG>Plant maintenance & customers services>Master data in plant maintenance & customers services>Basic setting>Define user status. Click on new entry   Select the Equipment profile & add status of equipment Click on Object type & select the object type.