Use of Material Classification in Enterprise Systems

A Material is a goods or objects that are used, consumed or created during the manufacturing may be called materials. It is the smallest unit that cannot split into any smaller unit. Material can be traded, used in manufacture, consumed are produced. A Service may also be treated as material. Material Master contains the description […]

Invoice Processing in Accounts Payable

The business transactions for Accounts Payable include the following: Invoice Credit Memo Down Payment (Special G/L) Foreign Currency Cancel/Reverse Document Inter-company (Idoc’s) The Enter Invoice screen consists of five standard tabs: Basic data, Payment, Details, Tax & Notes. On the basic data tab, enter general data about the invoice and vendor, e.g. vendor number, invoice […]

Posting an Invoice in foreign currency

The company code currency is defined in SAP as a local currency. If the GL account currency = CC currency, then the posting can be done in any currency. Otherwise, the posting can be done only in the currency that has been defined for this particular GL account. When you post an item in a […]

SAP Finance (FI) Overview Notes

SAP SAP Finance and Controlling go hand in hand and performs most of the traditional legal entity accounting functions, reporting by company, income statements and balance sheets. This is the module where you will find the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable sub-ledgers and their open items along with the Asset Accounting Ledger. Organizational Elements (Structures) […]

SAP ABAP List Viewer(ALV) Tutorials

SAP List Viewer previously called ABAP List viewer is the New Object Oriented API providing simplified programming, Error Robustness and has a Unified object model for all flavours(Grid, Tree etc.,). ALV Programs are very easy to write when you know few basic facts about them. There are many Functions modules provided by SAP to handle […]

SAP Material Management Module Basics

Materials Management is the module where (finished goods, raw materials and consumables) are managed for quantity, price, month end inventory cutoffs and balance. Materials Management is inventory management, purchasing, invoice verification, warehouse valuation, Material master and materials planning. Organizational Elements (Structures) – Procurement Company Code: Represents an independent accounting unit with Balance Sheets and P&L […]

1099 Configuration in SAP for US Implementations

1099 and 1042 Business Process and Reporting is only applicable to US implementations. 1099 withholding taxes: Reporting of 1099 taxes involves miscellaneous income paid to non-incorporated vendors or non-employees. Income is classified into one of eleven categories. With the majority of companies use category “07, Non-employee Compensation.” The majority of companies do not actually withhold […]