Some Basic SAP Basis Interview Questions and Answers. For Sure, this is not the only thing you need to get through the interview but it address some questions for a quick start.

Are you planning to start a career in SAP Basis, then this Guide on Basics in Basis will help you understand the below questions:

  • What is IT’s role in a SAP implementation? What can Your Implementation Consultants do for Your IT Group?
  • What is a SAP Landscape? What is my role in a SAP implementation?
  • What is a SAP Instance?
  • What are the different kinds of SAP software? What kind of hardware will they need?
  • How does SAP get installed?
  • Do I have to install JDK 1.4x?
  • What is a SAP client?
  • How do I create a new client?
  • What is this permanent key stuff?
  • How do the users communicate with the SAP instance?
  • How do I limit what my users can do when they log on to a SAP instance?
  • How do I patch a SAP instance? How often should I do it?
  • What are all these numbers? “s” number, license number, etc.
  • How do I add users? Do I have to add them all to each client one-by-one?
  • Do I have to add printers to each client too?
  • So what does the Functional Team do in their own little client(s)?
  • What factors affect SAP Performance?
  • What the heck is all that DVEBMGS00 crap? And this thing?
  • Where on the OS level can I look for help with SAP related problems?
  • And if I don’t find my problem in the work directory or don’t understand what the error message is telling me?
  • A working OSS whatie?
  • Why do we need a Solution Manager instance? What does it do?
  • Basis Knowledge Transfer.
  • Basis tasks to be done on a regular schedule.

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