ABAP Procedural Programming Drawbacks

SAP has come a long way from ABAP Procedural Programming to Object Oriented ABAP Programming.

ABAP Procedural Programming Drawbacks

  • Program Maintenance is complicated
  • Difficulty in program management as program sizeĀ  increases
  • No data Hiding
  • Very difficult to model real world entity
  • Lack of extensibility

The Approach of ABAP Procedural Programming

  • Emphasis on tasks
  • Large programs are divided into smaller programs known as functions
  • Most of the functions share global data
  • Data move openly around the system from function to function

The Approach of ABAP Object Oriented Programming

  • Emphasis on things that does those tasks
  • Programs are divided into objects
  • Data structures are designed such that they characterized the objects
  • Functions that operate on the data of an object are tied together in the data structure
  • Data can be hidden and cannot be accessed by external functions
  • New data and functions can be easily added whenever necessary