Booking a Journal Voucher

Use the transaction code F-02 to book a Journal Voucher. The document entry screen comprises of Header and Line item details to be filled in while booking a transaction. Details entered in the Header are relevant for the whole document. There can be a maximum of 999 lines in a single
document. Enter details like Date, company code text etc in the Header area of the screen.  Enter Line item details like Posting Key and the corresponding Account code and specify the amount per line item. Incase of expense accounts It is mandatory to enter a Cost Object like Cost Center, Internal Order or Profitability Segment against it. The Assignment field can be used for the purpose Of sorting of line items. Entering + and clicking on Enter will automatically copy the text as entered in the earlier line items.

Once all the line items have been entered, simulate the entry. This will display the accounting entries that will be passed on saving the  transaction. In case of unbalanced entries, system will not allow the posting of the document. Check that the Dr and Cr amounts are equal for posting.