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Administrator Workbench

The AWB is the primary administration, control, and monitoring tool in BW, and so is the data warehouse manager of SAP BW. You can use AWB to manage, control and monitor all relevant objects and processes in SAP BW. As well as defining all relevant meta objects, you can also use the AWB to plan load process using a scheduler, and monitor them using a monitor.Assistants can be used to analyze the load process comprehensively. These can especially help you to find the cause of an errors very quickly.

Functional Areas in AWB

  • Modeling – The Modeling functions area is used to create and maintain objects relevant to the data staging process in SAP BW. These objects are displayed in a tree structure, in which the objects are ordered according to hierarchical criteria. You can use a context menu to access the relevant maintenance dialogs for each object in the object tree. You can also carry out additional functions. To access the Modeling functions area, choose transaction RSA1.
  • Monitoring – The Monitoring function area enables you to monitor and control data loading processes and additional data processes in SAP BW. You can access the Monitoring function area via the transaction RSMON.
  • Reporting Agent – The Reporting Agent is a tool with which you can schedule and execute reporting functions in the background, such as the evaluation of exceptions, the printing of queries and the pre-calculation of Web templates. To access the Reporting Agent function area, in the AWB navigation box, choose Reporting Agent.
  • Documents – The Documents function are enables you to insert, search in, and create links for one or more documents in various formats, versions and languages for SAP BW objects. You can find detailed information about SAP BW document distribution in the online documentation. To access the Documents function area, in the AWB navigation window, choose Documents.
  • Business Content – Business Content provides pre-configured information models based on metadata. It provides users in an enterprises with a selection of information they can use to fulfill their tasks. (You can find additional information about Business Content in the Business Content Unit.) To access the Business Content function area, choose the transaction RSORBCT.
  • Translation – In the Translation function area, you can translate short and long texts belonging to SAP BW-objects to any language that are supported in SAP BW. To access the Translation function area, in the AWB navigation window, choose Translation.
  • Metadata Repository – In the HTML-based SAP BW-Metadata Repository, all SAP BW meta objects and the corresponding links to each other are managed centrally. Together with an integrated Metadata Repository browser, a search function is available enabling a quick access to the meta objects. In addition, metadata can also be exchanged between different systems, HTML pages can be exported, and graphics for the objects in the displayed. To access the Metadata Repository function area, choose the transaction RSOR.
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