Create the Information Record based on the Material Master Record

In the IMG, Master Data –> Info Record –> Create. Enter Vendor Number, Material Number, Purchasing Organization or Plant Number. Enter the number of the Information Record if external number assignments are used (left blank, the system will assign a number). Enter the General  Data for the Vendor, order unit, origin data, and supply option, Customs Tariff Number. Next, enter the Vendor’s planned delivery time (used for scheduling), responsible Purchasing Group, and  Standard PO quantity (used in conjunction with price scales for price determination). Check the Control Data. The tolerance data and the responsible purchasing group are taken as default values from the Material Master record. Enter the net price. Now, from the top of the screen Go To –> Texts to display the text overview. You can enter the info memo or the PO text. If the PO text is already defined in the Material Master record, it appears as a default value. Save the record.