Difference Between Profitability Analysis and Profit Center Accounting

Profitability analysis lets you analyze the profitability of segments of your market according to products, customers, regions, division. It provides your sales, marketing, planning and management organizations with decision support from a market oriented view point.

Profit center accounting lets you analyze profit and loss for profit centers. It makes it possible to evaluate different areas or units within your company. Profit center can be structured according to region, plants, functions or products (product ranges).


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I am planning to start a career in SAP and the problem I have is deciding which module to do. I have enrolled at college thats teaching SAP and have a few modules that they are offering. I don’t have a strong accounting background but the options I have are between FI and MM. I have seen quite a few manuals on both on this website but for certification purposes, what do I need for both. Please can list or direct mi to one manual on this website or other sources. thanking u in advance