Fixed Asset Data Migration

Data migration is slightly different from a normal transaction which happens in Asset accounting module.

Normally, in asset accounting the day to day transactions is posted with values through FI bookings and at the same time the asset reconciliation is updated online real time. Whereas In data Migration the asset master is updated with values through a transaction code called as AS91. The values updated on the master are Opening Gross value and the accumulated depreciation. The reconciliation GL account is not automatically updated at this point of time.

The reconciliation accounts (GL codes) are updated manually through another transaction code called as OASV.

If profit center is active, then after uploading assets through AS91 you should transfer the asset balances to profit center accounting through a program.

Thereafter you remove the Asset GL code (reconciliation accounts) from the 3KEH table for PCA and update the Asset reconciliation account (GL code) through OASV.

After this step you again update the Asset reconciliation account in the 3KEH table. The reason you remove the Asset reconciliation code from 3KEH table is that double posting will happen to PCA when you update the Asset reconciliation manually.