General Ledger Account

A G/L account number identifies the account code in a Chart of accounts and has to be defined for each Company Code before any postings can be made to the same.

Before opening a new GL account, execute tcode F.10 and ascertain the next free number available in a Account group. Goto the tab for Control Data and specify the following Specify the currency. This normally gets defaulted from the Company Code currency. Incase if an account is a Reconciliation account, indicate the same in the field provided. Select the check box for Open item management & Line item Display . In case of P&L items, the Recon account and Open item management field.

Note that a Reconciliation account will be used for Vendor and Customer sub-ledgers and cannot be posted to directly. Based on the value entered in the Sort Key, the Assignment field in the GL account gets populated. Specify the Field Status Group (FSG). A FSG helps in identifying the fields that are to be entered while booking an entry to the GL account.  Incase of Cash and Liquidity related GL accounts, indicator for Planning Level and Relevant for Cash Flow needs to be populated. Such GL accounts are then displayed in the Cash Management reports.