Guide to Implementing SAP ALE

The purpose of this guide on implementing SAP ALE whitepaper is to provide you with a methodology on implementing SAP R/3’s ALE technology. For the executive who is looking into deploying ALE the first chapter will be of benefit as well as the summary for each of the remaining chapters which will give a good indication as to the level of effort that will be required in order to implement ALE.

It highlights the areas to look at; it gives example documentation and describes the implementation process in detail. It is not an idiot’s guide to implementing ALE. Detailed knowledge of the ALE functionality together with project management skills will ensure a smooth ALE implementation.

The Guide is divided into the following chapters:

  1. Introduction to ALE. What is ALE? Why ALE?
  2. ALE Assessment. Putting a project team together. Deliverables of the team. Setting standards. Investigation and position papers.
  3. ALE Design. Design phase. Design document. Performance and technical implications.
  4. ALE Configuration. Configuration & related procedures.
  5. ALE Development. Describing ALE development. Development example.
  6. ALE Operations Support and Production support procedures. Production support planning. Monitoring and archiving. Disaster recovery.
  7. ALE general issues. ALE transaction codes, tables, programs… Glossary.

Download the ALE Guide.