How to convert spool to PDF?

TipsRun the program RSTXPDFT4 and key in the Spool request no. This program will convert the spool to PDF and download the file locally.


PO – PDF Conversion

Go to Command window type Transaction Code – ME29N and execute.
Type the Purchase order no. and Click the Print preview button

spool control

remove tick mark print immediately
delete after output

put tick mark new spool request

and close the windows

Go to T CODE – SP01 and note the spool request No.

Execute T code – SE38

then Enter the Program Name – RSTXPDFT4 and execute or (F8)

it will ask the Spool request No. type Spool request No.

Give the output location C: or D:

Run RSTXPDF4 report and enter the spool number in the selection screen and gives the PDF output of the Spool entered

Arif Shaik