Influence of Netweaver on development of futher SAP Business Solutions

The thesis work presented in this report is a joint work of two students of Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

The main area of investigation is SAP NetWeaver and its influence on further development of SAP applications. In order to find out the impact of SAP NetWeaver’s on SAP as a company and as a system, SAP background and history as well as SAP NetWeaver background and components are analyzed. Moreover, as SAP NetWeaver is based on SOA principles, this framework is also presented in detail. Lastly, SAP NetWeaver’s influence on architecture, development, integration and implementation of SAP solutions is studied and a survey is carried out in order to find out the impact of SAP NetWeaver on business actors (SAP customers, developers and consultants). In the conclusions part, all the results are analyzed and summarized.

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