Open Source ERP Systems

ERP which is an abbreviation for enterprise resource planning is the term used within industries for describing how data is collected by software suites so that it can be analyzed to help management see the overall picture of performance in real time. This helps to monitor as well as manage everything from human resources to inventory and finance by way of dashboards. For this to work successfully it usually needs to be used with other systems of software that are already being used which can prove costly to find compatible modules. The answer to keeping costs down in both software and retraining staff in its use is to use open source ERP instead.

The open source ERP is a software system where the source code is made available to the public which allows companies to gain access to customization. This is usually undertaken by the IT department and will save the company from having to hire in outsiders to take care of the customization and licensing which would usually be the case.

There are so many different software options out there, it can be difficult to choose one that works well with the software you already have in-house. The best way, of course, is to consolidate, but this is not possible without open source ERP unless you stick to just those that are compatible. This could limit you to only certain functions and providers.

In order to be able to use open source software, you will first need to have staff in the IT department that has the skills to be able to program and develop ERP. You will need the capability to gain access to ERP support which will allow you to customize the software as and when needed. The Vendor will not usually provide support for Open Source ERP, so if need be you may need to provide extra training for your IT staff.

Smaller and medium businesses tend to opt for Open Source ERP because it allows them to make customizations or upgrade their current systems which saving money. This is thanks to not having to pay for extra support and licensing costs.

As more and more companies are finding out how open source ERP software can benefit them it is estimated that around 80% of businesses will be using it within the next 12 months! In order to make the deployment successful, you will need to ensure that the IT staff you have or are looking to hire have the relevant training. Although you don’t pay to license you will still need to ensure the right resources are available as the ERP will only succeed if the effort is put in by knowledgeable staff. The training, however, will pay off as there will be no need to call outside agencies/personnel to make changes when you upgrade or decide to switch to different software that suits you needs better as time goes by.

If you are happy to train current staff or employ new, open source ERP could very well be the solution you have been looking for.