Purchase Requisition Processing

A request for purchase is a purchase requisition or instruction to buy a certain quantity of a material or service to be available at a certain point in time.

Learn about the following in this step by step manual on Purchase Requisition Processing.

  1. Create a requisition without a material master (ME51)
  2. Create a requisition with the material master (ME51)
  3. Copy a requisition (ME51)
  4. Display a purchase requisition (ME53)
  5. Change a purchase requisition (ME52)
  6. List display of purchase requisitions by account assignment: cost center (ME5k)
  7. Create a purchase requisition for items assigned to Multiple cost centers (ME51)
  8. Display a purchase order using a requisition no. (ME53)
  9. Display a purchase order using a p.o. number (ME23)
  10. Individual release of a purchase requisition (ME54)
  11. Collective release of purchase requisitions (ME55)

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