SAP Production Order Execution

The SAP production order is the main central data object in shop floor control and manufacturing execution process. The production order contains every data relevant to the production objectives, material components, required resources, and costs. A normal production order will cover the demand for a single material or product, but you can also produce multiple products jointly in one production order (co-products) and distribute incurred costs between the different products. In a production order, you can also specify external operations that are to be processed in an outside workshop. If you need to carry out a rework, you can create a separate rework order that is directly assigned to the primary production order. Alternatively, you can insert specific rework operations into an existing order. SAP Production orders are usually created from planned orders. The complete process includes several steps:

  • Creation and release of a production order
  • Goods issues of components
  • Confirmation of production activity
  • Goods receipts of the finished good
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