Screens in SAP

The following screens can belong to and be processed by executable programs, module pools, and function groups.

General screens
General screens or simply screens consist of the actual layout and a flow logic. The German term for a general screen is Dynpro, meaning dynamic program. The screen flow logic is a program layer that handles screen events and lies between the actual ABAP application program and the runtime environment. The layout and flow logic of a screen program are created with the Screen Painter tool.

Selection screens
Selection screens are special screens that are created through ABAP statements and not the Screen Painter. The flow logic of selection screens is embedded in the runtime environment; the screen events are converted to selection screen events.

Classical lists
Classical lists, previously known simply as lists, are screens with a special layout that has a single output area that can be filled with formatted contents using ABAP statements. As with selection screens, the screen flow logic is embedded in the runtime environment and its events are forwarded to the ABAP program as list events.