Using SAP’s Smart Implementations

Smart Implementations contain pre-configuration, documentation, installation, and configuration accelerators for specific mySAP components. Smart Implementations provide tools
to assist with technical infrastructure planning, installation of necessary components, system configuration and integration into an existing SAP system landscape, and infrastructure
management in a production system.

The Smart Implementation for the mySAP Workplace includes the following installation and configuration features:

  • Easy system infrastructure configuration with the Configuration Assistant
  • Automatic mySAP Workplace component installation
  • Easy integration of multiple component systems
  • Pre-configuration of all software components, including the Web server and Internet Transaction Server (ITS)
  • Basis customization of the SAP R/3 System (Workplace Server)
  • The System Administration Assistant, an easy-to-use tool providing a comprehensive
  • administration concept to support the system administrator in important tasks.