What are the Steps to Install SAP

Steps to Install SAP

1. Download the Installation Guide (www.service.sap.com/instguides)
2. Check the compatibility of OS and DB (www.service.sap.com/platforms)
3. Download the software from (www.service.sap.com/swdc)
4. Search for the known problems from (www.service.sap.com/notes)
5. Install the OS related patches/ fix packs etc
6. Install JRE 1.4.2_12
7. Set the Java environment JAVA_HOME path
8. Set the virtual memory to 20 GB on windows
9. Set the hostname not more than 13 characters
10. Make an entry of the hostname in Hosts file
11. Ensure the installation ports 21212 and 21213 are kept open
12. Ensure the ports 3200, 3300, 3600, 4700 are kept open (DVEBMGS uses these ports)
13. Dump the software into system without any spaces in the directories
14. Verify the software using LABLE.ASC
15. Get the Static IP address (192, 172, 10 networks)
16. Ensure the internet connection is available with a valid S-USERID
17. Execute sapinst.exe
18. Select 2004s
19. Central instance and Typical Installation
20. JAVA Components and JCE Policy
21. Provide SID and Inst Directory
22. Provide Master Password
23. Provide DB SID and DB Host
24. Exports path
25. Kernel Path
26. Oracle Client
27. SLD (Local SLD) Provide Object server name: Host name
28. Parameter Summary
29. Solman Key
30. Installation Proceeds.