What is ABAP?

We already talked about SAP and ERP. Here is some little information on ABAP and how it relates to SAP.

What is ABAP?

Well, ABAP stands for Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Prozessor. I know it’s kind of difficult to understand. But that’s the german standing of it. It means “General report creation processor”, Made it a little simpler, isn’t it. Okay, The actual english version of it is Advanced Business Application Programming. It’s a high level programming language created by SAP and has a syntax similar to Cobol and is based on Fourth Generation language.

The ABAP Programming language was originally invented by SAP for developers to develop SAP R/3 and is primarily used to develop custom functionality on SAP like Creating Reports, Smart forms… etc.

Types of ABAP Programs

We have various types of ABAP Programs like Reports, BDC, Subroutine Pools, Function Modules, Includes, Type Pools, Class Pools, Interface Pools & Classes.

ABAP Workbench

This Workbench contains different tools for editing repository objects. These tools allow to develop and complete almost everything and some of the objects include ABAP Editor, ABAP Dictionary, Screen and Menu Painter, Function Builder and Class Builder.

Data Types

Refer the image below for all the Data Types.

ABAP Data Types

Where to Go from here? If you are new to ABAP and then you can find lots of ABAP Programs and ABAP Keywords and Syntax on SAP Database.

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