What is Enterprise Portal

The enterprise portal is a Portal which allows people to have a single point of access to different applications, tools, and other information sources.

For example, it is possible to have via single sign on the SAP EP (enterprise portal) access to CRM processes like marketing and campaign management, service processes , but at the same time access to BW reports and or queries, and database access to non SAP database related data.

Integration in the SAP portal for CRM is via I-Views. It is called People Centric CRM and the screens that you integrate in the portal are PCUI screens. Another thing is BSP developments (BSP applications like the IC Webclient – via Transaction code SE80 you can look up the BSP application CRM_IC, which is the IC Webclient BSP Application for the IC Webclient) that can be integrated in the SAP Portal. SAP delivers those working assets in the form of Portal Roles, like for example CALL Center Agent, or Marketing Manager. Every role gives access to specific work sets which give access to specific Iviews or screens.