What is SAP Business Object

SAP Business Object  is similar to real-world business objects such as Sales Order, Invoice, Employee, etc., which consist of various tables/programs that are related to each other in a business context. All the business objects are maintained in the BOR (Business Object Repository).

The various characteristics of an object are called Attributes.  For example, the business object Sales Order is characterized by the following attributes:

  • Date of the order
  • Items of the order
  • Prices of various items of the order
  • Name of the customer to whom the order belongs to

The application program or programs used by the system to change or manipulate a business object are known as Method(s).

For example, a program could be used to

(a) check the availability of stock to deliver,
(b) trace the shipment route,
(c) check the item prices,
(d) validate the order date, etc.

So, attributes and methods collectively represent business objects in SAP.