What is SAP Script? What are the componets in SAP Script?

SAPscript is the SAP Systems own text-processing system which is used to generate documents containing logos, tables and other objects and which look like a pre-printed documents. SAPscript is tightly integrated and used for many text-processing tasks. SAP Standard Styles and  Layout Sets are always held in Client 000.

Layout Sets are used for the Page Layout of SAPscript documents. A layout set has the following elements:

  • Header Data: Data related to development (created by, development class, etc.) and the layout set information (which elements are used) are both stored in the header data. A start page must be entered here.
  • Paragraph Formats: Paragraph formats are required in layout sets. However, they are also used for word processing in layout sets, for example, to format text elements.
  • Character Formats: You can also use character formats to format texts or paragraphs. Unlike paragraph formats, however, they are used to format text within a paragraph.
  • Windows: Windows are names and window types, which are not physically positioned until they are allocated to pages and units of measurement are specified.
  • Pages: Pages are defined to provide the system with a start and end point in text formatting.
  • Page Windows: Page windows are the combination of windows and pages, where the dimensions of a window and its position on a page are specified.