What is the Document Change Rule?

The functionality Document Change Rules configured in the system maintains the information relating to what fields can be changed? and under what circumstances?. As you are already aware, SAPs document principle does not allow changing the relevant fields once a document is posted; any changes can only be achieved through Reversal or additional postings. Fields such as company code, business area, account number, posting key, amount, currency, etc., can never be changed once the document is posted. However, SAP allows changing some of the fields in the line items such as payment method,  payment block, house bank, dunning level, dunning block, etc. These can be changed document by document or by using mass change for a number of documents in a single step.

The changes to master data are tracked and stored per user for an audit trail.


Automatic Payment Programme: With APP we can make the payment to the n number of vendors aside it will pick check automatically,it will update check register,vendor balances as well gl balnces aside it will prepare covering letter for all this we need to setup app configuration the tcode:FBZP make sure check lot it should be non sequential.Ones the setup is done in vendor master record assign the payment transaction with the help of this payment method will be selected.The main important point of APP is all about if a invoice is blocked we can release through APP Programme.