ABAP Editor

ABAP Editor

Wow, You will be amazed as to how feature rich the new ABAP editor is.  This ABAP code editor is an ActiveX control which has been used to replace the standard source code editor from 6.4D and Patch level 10. However, this new editor is also supported from Netweaver 2004.

Features of ABAP Editor

  • Customizable Syntax Highlighting
  • Bookmarks
  • Status bar which has some cool custom hotkey assignments, templates, color setting. Just type cor and press enter and

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ztestuser <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<START<
*”04.08.2008 11:20:39
*>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ztestuser <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<END<

Comes very handy for me because of the maintenance project and also the flexibility to add and change the current templates to suit your needs.

  • Drag and Drop Editing.
  • Try the Pretty Printer and see it in action.
  • Autofill Keywords as you type with code hints.

Do you have any tips to share on ABAP Editor? Please suggest.

Considering offline ABAP compiler

An ABAP Compiler converts a byte code to an interimum code whenever an ABAP program is generated from the source code.

Stand-alone ABAP Compiler & Caffeine – ABAP to Go are two Open Source tool for offline ABAP Programming and both of these compilers are technically an ABAP compiler and runtime implementation in Java which runs a subset of the ABAP language natively on the JVM

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