ABAP Programs Weekend Roundup – 08/01/08

ALV Report Header – ALV Report Header is a simple program which will tell you as to how to create a Header in the ALV report.
Display Extensions – Want to display extensions? Try this program.
Download Programs from a Package – This program will download all the programs in a Package.
Generate PDF from ABAP report – This program will generate the PDF document of the ABAP report.
Play Solitre – Tired of word? Try out this game in your free time to relax from work.

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  1. charan Avatar

    i want to generate the out put data dynamically.i have a selection screen with 6 inputfields.out of that i have two fileds with date_from and date_to.i have to generate an output file with headers and data dynamically with the base of date_from and date_to.suppose

    date_from : 02.2007

    date_to : 09.2009

    then i want the data with headers start from 02.2004 to 09.2009 dynamically.

    itz very urgent plz helpme out.

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