Assign Purchasing Organization and Set Parameters to Plant


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Assign Purchasing Organization to Plants

From the IMG screen: Enterprise Structure è Assignment è Materials Management è Assign purchasing organization to plant

Select your purchasing organization, and click the assign button:



Select the plant and click enter, then save on the following screen:



Setup Parameter ID    

This exercise sets any defaults to be displayed at runtime.

From the top menu: System è User Profile è Own Data

Select the Parameter tab.

Enter the following Parameter (PID) abbreviations and the default values specific to your company, plant, etc. under Parameter value. A purchasing group default can also be set, (PID = EKG, Parameter value = B _ _) but in our example we created three buyers to choose from, and do not wish to have one set as a default.



Click enter to display the text description to the right, and then save.

To find additional parameter ID codes:

  • Navigate to the screen which contains the field for which you wish to set a default value. Press F1 and look for the parameter ID code under the Technical Info tab.
  • Use the new parameter ID just as you did for the examples above.

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