Availability Check in Sales & Delivery

Availability Check in Sales & Delivery

Availability check is one of the key functionality in sales document processing. The confirmation of Delivery Processing in SAP Sales and Distribution delivery of goods to the customer while entering a sales document is carried out on the basis of this check. Availability check can be carried out on the deadline of goods availability that would be necessary to consider the picking, packing and shipping time. Availability check can only be carried out if the transfer of requirements takes place for goods from sales to purchase or production.

Availability check in Sales

Requirements generated in Sales & Distribution need to be transferred to material requirements planning to ensure the quantities ordered are available to be delivered on time to Customer. This is called transfer of requirements (TOR).

Download the document on Availability Check & Transfer of requirements_Sales to understand more about:

  1. Types of Availability Check
  2. Replenishment Lead time
  3. Control parameters
  4. Scope of check
  5. Process flow
  6. Transfer of Requirements in SD
  7. Control elements in TOR

Availability check in Delivery

Availability check in SAP Delivery is initiated during creation and check is done for the picking date. The check is carried out on the same criteria as in Sales order processing. Availability check at delivery level is carried out for following reasons. The check may not have done for items at order level and hence needs to be done at delivery stage. Although check may have been carried out in order the availability situation may have changed due to various unknown reason. Dynamic check at this stage would ensure correct status in terms of availability so that further actions after delivery i.e. Picking, Packing etc are not affected.

Control elements for availability are same as in sales documents

  • Checking Group
    The checking group specifies in combination with checking rule the scope of availability check. It is maintained in material master in Plant view and copied on to sales documents.
  • Checking Rule
    A Checking rule is assigned to each transaction and in combination with checking, the group defines what movements are considered for availability check. These are predefined in system
  • Delivery Item category
    Additional check exists at delivery item category level to control if availability should be checked or not.

Following prerequisites need to be fulfilled for availability check to take place

Scope of Check

Elements that can be included in availability check are

The elements that need to be included depend on the scenario for which availability check is being set.

Process Flow for Availability Check

The system determines the date for availability check on basis of earliest material availability date of all schedule lines in delivery.

If there is insufficient stock following is system behavior

  • Sufficient quantity of material not available by material availability date, a delivery quantity ‘0’is entered in delivery. If item category of delivery permits ‘0’quantity then it would be included else item would not be allowed in delivery.
  • Quantity available of material is lower than order quantity, the system would enter available quantity as delivered quantity and order would get updated accordingly. If partial delivery is not allowed, this would be noted in delivery creation log.
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