Bills of Material


Before bills of material can be defined for any module, the materials that make up the bill of materials must first be defined, typically from the MM (Materials Management) module. Work with those responsible for the maintenance of material records to define materials required for BOM use.

If material costs are of interest, ensure that any materials required are defined as valuated materials. It is not necessary to define materials required for Plant Maintenance use as Spare Parts. All materials used for Plant Maintenance are regarded as Spare Parts. Use another appropriate material type for materials required for Plant Maintenance use.

Any materials that may be refurbished or machined can be defined with a split valuation. This will allow the individual materials to be withdrawn from inventory/stores, refurbished or machined, and returned to stores with a different value. Inventory levels are maintained, but stock value changes to reflect the possibly reduced value of the materials. There is a refurbishment work order in the Plant Maintenance module to accommodate this function, which will be discussed later.

Although the Plant Maintenance module can use bills of material defined for the use of other modules, it is a better policy to develop bills of material strictly for Plant Maintenance use. Changes to bills of material can then be made without a lengthy analysis of the effect of the changes.

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