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Create SID for 0SalesEmply
Data Flow for ODS
Delete bad request from data target and reran request
Errors to be turned to green
Historical DataLoad (Flat Files)
How to  activate and fill aggregates
How to  change the owner of a job
How to activate aggregates for COPA
How to activate transfer rules for an InfoSource
How to Delete a PSA request
How to delete bad request from infocube with aggregates
How to delete from PSA
How to delete the requests from PSA
How to fix duplicated issue for YGTTPVAR
How to handle failed Infopackage which cannot be fixed and is neccesary to open a ticket
How to initialize ODS 46
How to initialize the Delta – INIT
How to open the system
How to populate new dataload template
How to push data from PSA to ODS
How to reload a failed hierarchy infopackage
How to remove bad  requests from an ODS
How to reprocess a failed request I (try first)
How to reprocess a failed request II (update from PSA)
How to run a complete IPG
How to run an ad hoc attribute change run
How to run Apply Hierarchy Attribute change
How to start attribute and  hierarchy because job is cancelled
How to stop-start the Transaction Data to run
nightly process to update web reports
Packet and Record number in psa
Procedure to postpone daily data load
Roll up process after BC02 aggregates activation
To run an initial load when a delta has failed
Transaction Data Load Failure

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