Common Controls in SAP


Let’s look at a few of the common buttons and controls in the SAP system:

Green CheckmarkOn any screen in SAP, the green check mark means enter. If you prefer, you can also use the enter key on your keyboard.

The Green ArrowThe green arrow (back) button will take you back one screen in the application in which you are currently working. If you are at the initial application screen, the green arrow will return you to the SAP Easy Access menu.

yellow arrowThe yellow up arrow (exit) button will take you back to the SAP Easy Access screen. Occasionally, if the application you are using has more than one level, the yellow exit arrow will only exit you from the application you are currently in, and place you in the higher level application. This might seem confusing, but you will understand as soon as you encounter such an occurrence.

Red XThe red X button (cancel) will cancel the application you are currently using, and return you to the SAP Easy Access menu with a single click

SessionThe create session button will open a new SAP session in addition to the one currently in use. While it is not necessary to have more than one session open, it can be very helpful. Many users will have at least two sessions open at a time, one to change or create system data, and another to look at other areas for reference.

HelpThe help button can be very, well, helpful. When used properly it can give fast, relatively easy to understand, definitions of user actions. To use the button, position your cursor on the object you wish to know about, and click the help button. An information screen will be displayed describing the object

Local LayoutThe local layout customization button is used to change individual user display. The last section in this guide will cover these functions.

Drop down menuThis is the dropdown menu button. You will encounter this button connected to any textbox which has pre-populated values to choose from

Session ManagerThe session information button is the small triangle located at the bottom right of the screen.

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