12 Common Reasons Why SAP Background Jobs Gets Cancelled


Reasons for cancellation of SAP Job

There are plenty of reason for the SAP jobs to get cancelled, The log from SM36 usually would provide the needed information to determine the cause of the error. Listed below are some of the simple and most common reasons on the way some of the background jobs gets cancelled within SAP.

1. User and password Issues (Authentication/ Authorization) user lock, userid expiry, password change, lack of roles etc.
2. File system problems: BTC reads from the file system to update the database. File not opened, or corrupted, file sharing issues, file came with different characters, file not found as well.
3. Variants are not properly defined.
4. Deadlocks issue (Lock mechanism congested)
5. Update mechanism failed
6. Table space overflow (ORA-1653; ORA-1654)
7. Table space max extent reached (ORA-1631; ORA-1632)
8. Archive struck (ORA-255; ORA-272)
9. The memory is not sufficient and errors
(No Roll Area, PXA (Buffer), Page Errors)
10. Problem in the program and inputs (Indefinite loops like 1/0)
11. Dependent jobs/ events failure
12. Target systems are not available to process the jobs.

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