Config to Open External URL from IC Webclient


Web URL inside CRM IC Web BSP view can be launched using transaction launcher. Follow the steps below:

  • First create URL ID using the path IMG->CRM->IC WebClient->Basic Functions->Transaction Launcher->Define URL’s and Parameters
  • Here by clicking on New Entries ,you need to create a URL ID, select 3rd radio button Non BSP URL and enter your web URL there. To keep it simple copy the existing URL ID SAP into your own with your web URL for ex ZSDN
  • Now go back to Transaction Launcher and start the “Configure Transaction Launcher” Wizard
  • In the Wizard when it prompts for Launch Transaction ID ,enter new transaction ID for ex ZTXID_SDN and click on ‘continue ‘ and enter transaction class name for ZCL_TX_SDN
  • In the next screen under ‘Transaction launcher Type’ select ‘URL Transaction’ ,and under details area select the URL ID you have created in step 1. i.e ZSDN.
  • Complete the wizard.
  • Now you need to map the URL transaction ID to Navigation Bar profile entries.
  • For this go to ‘Define Navigation Bar Profiles’ under Basic Functions.
  • Click on Define Entries ,enter the basic details and select ‘Launch Trans’ radio button and select the transaction id created in step 2 . i.e ZTXID_SDN
  • Add the above create entry to your Navigation Bar profile
  • Update IC Web Client profile with your Navigation bar profile
  • Launch IC web and you would see Web URL Navigation bar entry under Navigation Bar.

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