Configure The Automatic Payment Program


Steps for configuring the automatic payment program:

First, Set up the following:

  1. Co. code for Payment transaction.
  2. Define sending and paying company code.
  3. Tolerance days for payable.
  4. Minimum % for cash discount.
  5. Maximum cash discount.
  6. Special GL transactions to be paid.

Next, Set up the following:

  1. Paying company code for payment transaction.
  2. Minimum amount for outgoing payment.
  3. No exchange rate diff.
  4. Separate payment for each ref.
  5. Bill/exch payment.
  6. Form for payment advice.

Next, Set up the following:

  1. Payment method per country.
  2. Whether Outgoing payment.
  3. Check or bank transfer or B/E.
  4. Whether allowed for personnel payment.
  5. Required master data.
  6. Doc types.
  7. Payment medium programs.
  8. Currencies allowed.

Next, Set up the following:

  1. Payment method per company code for payment transactions.
  2. Set up per payment method and co. code.
  3. The minimum and maximum amount.
  4. Whether payment per due day.
  5. Bank optimization by bank group or by postal code or no optimization.
  6. Whether Foreign currency allowed.
  7. Customer/Vendor bank abroad allowed.
  8. Attach the payment form check.
  9. Whether payment advice required.

Next, Set up the following:

  1. Bank Determination for Payment Transactions.
  2. Rank the house banks as per the following.
  3. Payment method, currency and give them ranking nos.
  4. Set up house bank sub account (GL code).
  5. Available amounts for each bank.
  6. House bank, account id, currency, available amount.
  7. Value date specification.

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