Configuring Account Groups in SAP Finance(FI)


When we are creating GL accounts we must specify account group. The chart of account contains different types of a count grouping or putting of same type and nature of accounts under one name or account is called account groups.

  • All liabilities account should start with     1
  • All Asset account should start with      2
  • All Income account should start with      3
  • All Expenditure Account should start with      4
  • We create Equity share capital account in between 100000 to 100099
  • We create Cash account in between 200000 to 200099
  • We create Sales account in between 300000 to 300099
  • We create Salaries account in between 400000 to 400099
  • We want to see the details of liabilities account we search 1*
  • We want to know about the current assets balances we search 2*.
  • If any balance is there it will appear otherwise not.

Define Account Group . Path: SPRO>Financial Accounting>General Ledger Accounting>G/L Accounts>Master data> Preparations> Define Account Group. Select IMG activity button T-Code OBD4. Select New Entries Button & We have to fill below details in required fields

In above screen select Save Button or Ctrl + S , one screen will display below, here select Enter, we get a message data was saved.

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