Cost Center Accounting

  • To gain understanding of key business processes of SAP Overhead Cost Management (OCM)
  • Understand the Organizational unit in Controlling
  • Determine the origin of posting in Cost center Accounting

The Overhead Cost Controlling component (CO-OM) helps you to plan, allocate, control, and monitor overhead in your organization

  • By planning in overhead areas, you can develop standards, that allow you to control costs and valuate internal activities.
  • Cost Centre Accounting
    • Cost Center Accounting analyzes where overhead occurs within the organization
    • Costs are assigned to the sub-areas of the organization where they originated.
    • SAP offers a wide variety of methods for allocating posted amounts and quantities.
  • Internal Order Accounting
    • Internal Orders collect and analyze costs based on individual internal jobs.
    • SAP can monitor and automatically check budgets assigned to each job.

Download the document on Cost Accounting

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