Create an Inquiry for a sales order

From SAP Easy Access: Logistics -> Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> Inquiry -> Create

Enter IN for Inquiry Type. Enter your sales organization, distribution channel DI and division. Click enter.

Enter one of your customers for Sold-to-Party (leave Ship-to-Party blank). Enter text as a reference number for Purch. Order no. Enter today’s date for Valid from, and a date one month from today for Valid to. Enter your finished product for Material and an order quantity. Click enter and the rest of the boxes should automatically fill.

Select your material entry, and click on the Conditions button, Note the pricing.

Click the back button.

Select your material entry, and select Environment è Availability from the top menu

Make a note of the amount of available inventory (ATP quantity).

Click the back button.

Change the quantity to an amount exceeding the ATP quantity by 10 units.

Click save, and record the inquiry number and now you can successfully created an inquiry in sales and distribution.

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