Create and Display Routing


Allow trading goods to be used in the production of finished goods. In addition, you will define a routing for your finished goods. The routing is a list of the different individual processes used to create the finished good. You will also designate which materials will be used for each process.

Allow Trading Goods to be Used in Production

This section only necessary if you created trading goods earlier.

From the IMG screen: Production è Basic data è Routing è General data è Define Material Type Assignments

  • Select a HAWA TL Type.
  • Click on the copy button.
  • Change the TL Type to N.
  • Click enter, and save.

Create a Routing for Finished Products

From SAP Easy Access: Logistics è Production è Master Data è Routings è Routings è Standard Routing è Create

  • Enter your finished good, and plant.
  • Click enter.
  • General data:
    • Usage: 1
    • Status: 4

Click on the operation button. Enter data for each manual operation required to assemble your finished product. Work center will be the one created earlier, control key will be ASSY, enter a description of the operation.

  • Click enter.
  • Enter Setup and Labor times for each item, click enter after each entry.
  • Click on the CompAlloc button.
  • Select the materials required to complete operation 010.
  • Click new assignment.
  • Allocate these materials to operation 010.
  • Click enter.
  • Repeat for each operation defined above.
  • Click enter, and save.

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