Create Bill of Material(BOM)

The BOM is a list of materials which form a finished good. By setting the type and amount of goods which go into the finished good, MRP is able to order the correct amount of materials to create the proper amount of finished goods entered by user entered.

From SAP Easy Access: Logistics è Production è Master Data è Bills of Material è Bill of Material è Material BOM è Create

  • Enter your finished good.
  • Enter your plant.
  • Set BOM usage to 1 (production).
  • Click enter.
  • For each line item, enter L for Item category.
  • Choose one of your raw materials for component.
  • Input the number of raw material units required to produce one finished good.
  • Click save.

In the above example, a Bill of Material is being created for an ore wagon. Each finished wagon will be composed of 1 wagon bed, 2 axles, and 4 wheels.

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