Create Controlling Area


From the IMG screen: Enterprise Structure è Definition è Controlling è Maintain Controlling area

From this screen, double click on Maintain controlling area. Click on the New Entries button then click on the COArea = CCode. You will be prompted to enter your company code. At this point you should be at the following screen:

Click on the Person responsible field and select your user name from the drop down menu. Next, select the CoCd->CO area field and select Controlling Area same as Company Code. Then verify that your settings look like the above screen with the following: Currency type = 10, Currency = USD, Chart of accounts = the chart of accounts associated with your company code and Fiscal year variant = K1.

Then click save.

Assign Company Code to Controlling Area

From the IMG screen: Enterprise Structure è Assignment è Controlling è Assign Company code to controlling area

From this screen click on the line with your company code _ _ _ _. Double click on Assignment of company code and click on the New Entries button. Enter your company code.

Click save.

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