Create Cost Center Standard Hierarchy


From the IMG screen: Controlling è General Controlling è Organization è Maintain Controlling Area

From this screen, double click on Maintain controlling area, then select the line with your company code. You see the following screen:

Go to the top menu and choose the Goto and then choose Details

From here you should be at the following screen:

At this screen you will create a hierarchy cost center group for your company code. Enter the name of your cost center group in the CCtr std. hierarchy
field and click save.

Click on the back button and double click on Activate components/control indicators. Click on the New Entries button. From here you should be at the following screen:

  • Enter the current Fiscal year = 2003 and Activate the following components:
  • Cost centers = Component active
  • Order management = Component active
  • Commitment management = Component active

Then click save

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