Create Cost Element Group

From SAP Easy Access: Accounting è Controlling è Cost element accounting è Master data è Cost element group è Create

Enter a Cost Element Group title: CEG _ _ and click enter.

Next enter your Cost Element Group name, type Cost Element Total for _ _ _ _ in the description box.

Click the Lower level box.

Enter CEG _ _ Prim as the title to create the primary cost element group. Type Total Primary Cost Elements as the description.

Click the same level button, and type CEG _ _ Sec to create the secondary cost element group. Type a description identifying the secondary cost element.

Click enter.

Select CEG _ _ Prim, and click the cost element button. Enter interval range 700000-799999. Click enter.

Select CEG _ _ Sec, and click the cost element button. Enter interval 800000-899999, and click enter, and then save.

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