Create Field Help Control


To Create Field help control as a reusable BSP Extension Element. Although the finished solution is rather complex internally (like any generic object usually is), This will make sure that using the component was as simple as possible. You can wrap the functionality to fire the field help around the HTMLB label element. This will generate a Hyperlink that will open the context help in a modal window when clicked. The final solution ended up would be so simple to implement in your code that all you have to do is change the name of the element from label to f1Label if you are using Model View Binding. If you aren’t using Binding or if you want to override the data element from the binding attribute, you only need to add on attribute in addition to the standard label attributes to provide this data element name. The easy that this new element can be introduced into existing views is especially important considering the amount of code .

This Solution was  developed on WebAS 640 SP12. However this can be adapted to earlier support packages or even in WebAS 620 with slight modifications.

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