Create Field Status Variant

Status Variants are used during fiscal account development to team the accounts collectively. it will help the system in collecting info for report creation. Following the development of status variants, you are going to create several general ledger accounts to be utilized afterwards in the settings to assess your advancement.

From the IMG screen: Financial Accounting è Asset Accounting è Integration with the General Ledgerè Change the Field Status Variant of the G/L Accounts

Choose Define Field Status Variants. Click New Entries. Type an abbreviation for your filed status variant, and the full name. Click save.


Define Field Status Groups

After saving your field status variant, select it on the next screen, and double click the field status groups folder to the left.

Enter the following field status groups and names:

  • _ MEXP    Expense Accounts
  • _ GBS        General Balance Sheet Accounts
  • _ MMA    Material Management GR/IR Accounts
  • _ RAA        Reconciliation Accounts
  • _ REV        Revenue Accounts

Click save.


Assign Company Code to Field Status Variant

 From the IMG screen: Financial Accounting è Financial Accounting Global Settings è Document è Line Item è Controls è Assign Company Code to Field Status Variant

Under Fld. stat. var. column, enter the field status variant you recently created for your company, and click save. NOTE: field Variant 0001 is the default and contains many different field variant groups. You will want to assign the field status group you created in the previous section to the company you created..

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