Create Material Master for Raw Materials


From SAP Easy Access: Logistics è Materials Management è Material Master è Material è Create (special) è Raw Material

Enter the name of your raw material, and select retail for Industry Sector. Click enter.

Select views; Basic data 1, Purchasing, Gen. Plant Data/Storage 1, Accounting 1, Costing 1. Click Create views selected, and click enter.

Enter your plant and storage location and click enter.

Enter Base unit of measure, Material group, Gross and Net weights, and Weight unit.

Arrow over to the Purchasing tab, and select a purchasing group from those created earlier:



Arrow over to Gen. Plant Data/Storage 1 tab. Note the storage location previously indicated.

Arrow over to Accounting 1. Enter Valuation class 3000 for a Raw Material, and enter a Mov. Avg. Price.



Arrow over to Costing 1. Select With Qty Structure, and Material Origin. Click save.

Repeat procedure for each additional Raw Material.

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