Create Purchase Order

From the SAP easy access menu: Logistics è Materials Management èPurchasing è Purchase order è Create è Vendor Unknown

From this screen you will enter:

  • NB in the order type field
  • Choose a purchasing group B_ _ in the purchasing group field
  • Click on the copy requisition button.
  • Enter your Reference purchase requisition number that you just created
  • Click the enter button
  • Next click the green select all button
  • Click the Adopt + details button to copy the details from the purchase requisition into your new purchase order
  • Verify each of the materials ordered by clicking the enter button to move through each material ordered
  • Click on the green select all button after you get to the overview of all of the materials ordered
  • Then click on the Assign supply source button
  • Click the enter button
  • Click the green select all button again
  • Click the round white and red Generate button


You should then see the following screen:

If you do not see the Document overview on the left side of the screen, click the Document overview on button.

If you expand the document overview screen, you should see open requisitions listed for each item in the requisition order you just created. Click on each requisition item and then the adopt button.

Each time you click the adopt button, you should see the requisition item move to your purchase order on the right side of the screen.

After adopting all the requisition items into your purchase order, click on the header icon, and go to the conditions tab. Review and record the invoice total.

Click save. Save past the warning concerning output devices and record the purchase order number.

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