Create Vendor Master Accounting Records

From SAP Easy access: Accounting è Financial Accounting è Accounts payable è Master records è Create

Leave vendor blank

Enter your company code

Enter KRED in account group (KRED is the vendor creation group choice which will automatically create a vendor number for you)

Click enter.



Page forward from this point, 2 pages:



Now enter Recon. account number (3000_ _ ) [Reconciliation account created earlier].



Now click enter.




Input the payment conditions with this seller using the dropdown choice. When the dropdown menu appears you’ll find a broad variety of payment alternatives you can select from for the seller you’re creating. Some sellers give a discount if you spend them before a specific date for instance you may have a seller that provides a-2% cash discount on the sum owed to them if you spend them within 2 weeks of the date of the bill. Other sellers might not provide any price reduction whatsoever and they’re going to say that there bill is payable promptly. It’s your responsibility to determine which payment choices your specific sellers pick. As you can see in the drop down menu there’s an extensive assortment in selection and price reductions you can set up for your specific sellers.

Select: Check double inv. Option.

Click Save.

Record vendor number at this point!! (This number is automatically generated by the system since you chose the KRED option when you created the vendor)

Repeat this process for every vendor.

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