Creating a Hello World Web Dynpro Application


How to Create and run a simple Web Dynpro application.

1. Create a new Web Dynpro Component called ZWD_##_HELLO_WORLD. Change the proposed window name to MAIN.

Creating Webdynpro App1

2. Create a view called HELLOWORLD

Creating Webdynpro App2

3. Navigate to the view’s Layout tab. Open the context menu of the ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER
– choose Element einfügen (Insert Child)
– Enter the name TEXT.
– From the Type drop down list, select TextView.
– Press Confirm Entry.

Creating Webdynpro App3

4. Adjust properties of element TEXT

Now select the newly created element TEXT and change the design property from standard to header1. Enter “Welcome to Web Dynpro!” in the text property.
Press Save.

Creating Webdynpro App4

5. Embed view HELLOWORLD in MAIN window.
Double-click on the window main. Right mouse click on the only element MAIN and choose embed view from the context menu. Choose helloworld as view to be embedded and click on continue.

Creating Webdynpro App5

6. Save and activate your new Web Dynpro component.

7. Create application

8. Lastly, we must create an application so that we can access the Web Dynpro component via a URL.
– Right mouse click on the component node
– Select Create -> Web Dynpro Anwendung (Web Dynpro Application) from the context menu. Create the application having the following attributes:
Name: (accept default)
Description: Hello World

Creating Webdynpro App6

Accept all default settings and press Save.

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