Creating and Defining the Attributes of a Customer


Create customers and define several attributes for these customers such as shipping and billing terms. There are a number of ways to configure each of these attributes for the sales organization, distribution channel, or individual customer. All prices assigned for a specific customer must also involve the related distribution channel and sales organization.

Creating Customers

From SAP Easy Access: Logistics -> Sales/distribution -> Master data -> Business partners -> Customer -> Create -> Complete

In the first field, Account Group, select:     Sold-to-party

Now enter or select the appropriate information for each of the remaining fields:

  • Customer: Leave Blank
  • Company Code:    CC_ _
  • Sales organization:    SO_ _

Distribution Channel:    DI, WH, and RE for each customer as entered

Division:        OR (Ore wagons)

Click Enter.

On the next screen, enter the appropriate information for each customer. Remember to tab over and enter or select all the necessary and required information. The main fields are listed below under each respective tab:

Address Tab:

  • Name:            Customer name
  • Search Term:        Unique term for customer group
  • City:            Customer city
  • Postal Code:        Customer zip code
  • Country:        US
  • Region:        Customer state
  • Transportation zone:    Applicable transportation zone
  • Language:        English

The address information for a customer is displayed here.

Now click the Company code data button at the top of the screen. In the next form, enter or select the appropriate accounts receivable (A/R) reconciliation account number. Set sort key field to 001 (posting date sort). Click the payment transaction tab and set the payment terms to 0001 (Payable immediately, Due net). Now click the Sales area data button at the top of the screen. Enter or select the following in each field under each tab:

Sales tab:

  • Sales office:        Customer sales office
  • Sales group:        Customer sales group
  • Currency:        USD
  • Cust. Pric. Proc.:    1 (standard)
  • Cust. Stats. Grp.:    1 (‘A’ material)

Shipping tab:

  • Delivery priority:    02 (normal item)
  • Order combination:    Check to allow (should be this by default)
  • Shipping conditions:    01 (Standard)
  • Delivering plant:    PT_ _
  • Max. part. Deliveries:    9 (should be this by default)

Billing Document tab:

  • Incoterms:        FOB – In field to right, enter: Receiving dock
  • Payment terms:        0001 (Payable immediately Due net)
  • Account Assign Group:        01 (Domestic revenue)
  • Tax Classification:            0 – Exempt in all the categories

Now click save. This entire process must now be repeated to enter each of the remaining customers into the system.

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