Creating Quality Inspection View in Material Master


The material type selected controls the views possible for material. For a material to be used in the system it needs to be created for each plant. Multiple views of material are possible but at a minimum, the material needs to have a description and a base unit of measure assigned on the basic data view. Additional department views (i.e. Accounting, Sales,  Purchasing, MRP, Warehouse) can be added at a later time by extending the material. As additional plants are added, a material will need to be extended to the plants before Quality Inspection view can be created.

Logistics -> Quality management -> Quality planning -> Logistics Master Data-> Material -> Extendable Materials (MM50)

Use maintenance status Q and additional selection criteria to get an overview of materials that do not contain a QM view.

Material that is not subject to quality inspection can be deleted from the list (mark and press button ). These materials will not be displayed when starting the transaction (MM50) again. To maintain a QM view for a material, mark it and press the button.

Then you are able to maintain the QM data as mentioned before. Press the button (next screen) to go to the next material.

Quality info record

If a material is subject to quality inspections (according to the control key entered on the QM view), the material/vendor combination has to be released. This is done by creating a quality info record. The quality info record is maintained on plant level. It contains

  • the inspection type for series-inspection at the vendor (acceptance inspection) and lead time for inspections before the receipt of the goods. (not used at Continental Teves),
  • blocking options for purchase orders. Blocking options for inquiries, source determination, and goods receipt should not be used (not used at Continental Teves),
  • a status profile for the administration of vendor relationships (sequence of inspections),
  • the possibility to enter a QA agreement.

Without creating a quality info record an inquiry still can be created, but a purchase order or scheduling agreement cannot be created. Usually, the quality info record is created after maintaining the QM view in the material master record.

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