Creating Sales Views for Trading and Finished Goods Records


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Materials in any material group (that have already been created), are now extended to include the sales views, this in turn will make these materials sellable within the SAP R/3 system. These material groups must have sales views created “extended” for the distribution channels (including Direct – DI and Warehouse – WH) and the storage locations within these channels.

Sales Views for Trading Goods

From SAP Easy Access: Logistics -> Sales and distribution -> Master Data -> Products -> Material -> Trading Goods -> Create

On the initial screen, select the industry sector in which your company is operating. Then from the menu bar at the top of the screen, perform the following drop down:

Defaults => Organizational levels…

Enter the following:

  • Company code:        CC_ _
  • Plant:                PT_ _
  • Sales:                SO_ _
  • Distribution channel:        DI

Click Enter to continue.

This process must now be repeated for the remainder of the distribution channels, WH in this example. Now from the top menu bar, perform the following drop down:

Defaults => Views…

Select the following views:

  • Sales: Sales Org. Data 1
  • Sales: Sales Org. Data 2
  • Sales: General/Plant Data

Click Enter. Now create all of the trading goods materials. In the case of the ore wagon manufacturer, the only trading good is the axle assembly which is manufactured from one axle and two wheels, all of which are raw materials. However, if there are more trading goods, the copy from function can be used from the initial screen by selecting a trading good that has already been extended. The properties from this good will be automatically copied to those of the new good being extended.

From the Sales: Sales org. 1 Tab enter:

  • Division:            OR (Ore Wagon division in this example)
  • Delivering Plant:        PT_ _

Scroll down and ensure the three tax codes are in the table. Click on the field to the right of the Tax category field (this field has no name). Now select 0 (Exempt) status and follow the same procedure for the other two tax categories listed.

Click enter to move to the next tab.

From the Sales: Sales org. 2 Tab enter:

  • Matl. statistics grp:        1 (‘A’ material)

Click enter to move to the next tab.

From the Sales: General/plant Tab enter:

  • Availability Check:        01    AV: 01
  • Trans. Grp.:            0001     Pallets (for route determination)
  • Loading Grp.:            FORK    Forklift (for shipping point determination)

Click Save.

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